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Helicopter flight training and instruction based at

Conington near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire

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Helicopter flight training & instruction based at Conington near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire

Helicopter Flight Training Peterborough Cambridgeshire

Helicopter flight training in Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire


Helicopter flight training and instruction based at

Conington near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire

Most of my instruction is conducted from Peterborough Conington. My students and I find Conington to be a very friendly club, with great facitilies and a very good relationship between the fixed wing and rotary contingents. In addition the surrounding countryside and airspace is very open and unintimidating for the beginning pilot. While there are a variety of relatively straightforward destinations for cross-country flying within easy reach, when you have gained confidence the heli-lanes across London or a flight up into the Peak District make for a more challenging experience.


The Course leading to the award of a PPL(H) consist of flight and ground instruction designed so the pilot under training is given the experience, the competence in flying and the knowledge of aviation technical matters necessary to pass the flight test and the ground examinations to the standard required by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in accordance with new EASA directives.

The minimum flying experience required to qualify for the issue of a PPL(H) is 45 hours of which 10 hours is solo. For the holder of a PPL(A) the minimum is 39 hours. The student must pass a flying test and ground examination in seven subjects:

 Aviation Law and Operational Procedures

 Aircraft General Knowledge & Principles of Flight

 Flight Performance and Planning



 Human Performance & Limitations


Although the minimum time required by the CAA is 45 hours, the majority of students will need slightly more to reach the necessary standard. Whilst it is perfectly possible to complete the course in the minimum period, you should expect that it may take you longer.

If you just want to satisfy your curiosity about what it’s like to fly a helicopter or perhaps you are thinking of starting a course of instruction and want to try flying with me at Conington, a trial lesson will be the ideal thing for you.

Unlike some other trial lessons, I will give you the full time allotted in the aircraft; the briefing is not included in the time. I treat the trial lesson as a proper lesson - I give the student as much hands-on time as possible during the flight. During the lesson I’ll demonstrate the procedures in the event of an engine failure and by the end of it I will hand over the controls one by one and you will be able to try your hand at hovering the aircraft for a short while.

By the end of the trial lesson I can usually tell reasonably accurately how long it will take you to achieve the standard required to pass the General Flight Test for the PPL(H)

Mike Horrell Helicopter Flying Instructor

Trial Lessons

There are no hidden costs in my courses; all ground tuition is free (except exam fees) along with as much advice and help as you may need during or after qualifying. Because I think I can safely and rapidly advance you through to the required standard in the minimum numbers of hours the absolute cost of a course of tuition with me is likely to work out cheaper compared to others who quote a lower hourly rate but take longer and charge for the ancillaries.

But most of all I think is important that the training is ENJOYABLE. I try to make he flying as interesting as possible within the confines of the required syllabus. We’ll fly any time the weather conditions are safely flyable, which will give you a little extra confidence when you’re eventually out on your own that you wouldn’t have if you only went out on brilliantly clear, calm days during training.

My overriding objective for the training is that you can demonstrate that you are a safe and competent pilot in your GFT, and that is what all examiners will be looking for. After passing your flying test you can self-fly hire the helicopter for your own use.

Helicopter Flight Training Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire


Dual Instruction in the R22 helicopter is £270 per hour plus VAT

Examinations - £30 per exam

“Mike is a gentleman and a damn fine Instructor” - DA

Helicopter Flight Training Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire

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